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Sevanti Wellness Center

Sevanti Wellness Center is an online Ayurveda telemedicine service offering Ayurveda wellness consultations from our team of professional Ayurveda Counselors and supervised student Clinic Interns. Go to our Ayurveda Counselor Clinic and Student Clinic to book your sessions.


Commit to yourself

Commit to a deeper and more authentic understanding of yourself, find solutions to chronic health issues, or create an enlightened self-care plan from anywhere. Correct any lingering false views about your nature, and how these views affect the way you live, nourish, and care for yourselves.

Ayurveda Counselors & Clinic Interns

At Sevanti Wellness Center you have the option to see a professional-level Ayurveda Counselor at the Ayurveda Counselor Clinic, or one of our student Clinic Interns, who practice under supervision in our Student Clinic. Though the services are the same, experience levels are not, and thus the rates you will pay for each are also different. Rest assured that if you chose to save money and go to the Student Clinic, your consultation will be supervised by highly experienced Ayurveda Counselors.

Interactive experience

Sevanti Wellness Center videoconference consultations are streamed live via the Zoom videoconferencing platform straight to your smartphone, iPad, laptop, or desktop. Our professional counselors transmute ancient healing wisdom into wellness plans via individualized assessments and treatment plans. Perch on your coziest couch, sit under your favorite tree, or make any space sacred as we work together for your wellness.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your first online session.

Ayurveda Counselor Consultations

An Ayurveda initial consultation is a 1-2 hr process of discovery. The Ayurvedic Counselor will assess your constitutional nature and the status of any doshic imbalances.

Each consultation includes the following:

Ayurvedic Constitutional Assessment

Ayurvedic Assessment of Health Conditions

Ayurveda Wellness Plan Report

Ayurvedic Constitutional Assessment

Getting to know your Prakriti

The initial intake session will include an assessment of your Ayurvedic constitution, known as Prakriti. Prakriti is the unique proportionate strength of each of the doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) that give rise to your unique person. It is said that the Prakriti never changes. Knowledge of your Prakriti allows you to better care for yourself, understand which foods and cooking methods are best for you, and how to stay balanced throughout the year and through each stage of life. It also helps us to predict and prevent health issues, and how to manage better the imbalances you currently have.

Wellness as Preventative Medicine

At Sevanti we believe that preventative medicine stands supreme to all other medicine. Prevention is the ultimate cure for any disease and the key to wellness. As preventative medicine, Ayurveda asserts that our constitution is the foundation of our wellness. This can only be actualized by a deep understanding of the unique qualities of each person’s body and life. Our Ayurveda Counselors can help you with that understanding.

Ayurvedic Assessment of Health Conditions

Explore imbalances

The forces of stress and unhealthy lifestyles and diets can and will affect the doshas, giving rise to imbalance and health symptoms, known in Ayurveda as Vikriti. To varying degrees, imbalances will frequently happen and though one’s ideal constitutional nature or Prakriti never changes, the dynamic nature of the doshas requires a mindful daily vigilance and an understanding of how to restore balance once it occurs. Each consultation will attempt to assess the current status of each of the doshas as well as their involvement in creating imbalances in your life.

Deduce Proper Ayurvedic Methods

A discussion of your health concerns will be translated into an Ayurvedic understanding of the role of each dosha. With that understanding, the underlying Ayurvedic cause (nidan) is identified, the role of the doshas in disease is revealed, and methods of reestablishing balance are deduced from the doshic imbalances presented.

Ayurveda Wellness Plan Report

Personalized Guideline

Each consultation or assessment will provide the information needed to generate a set of personalized guidelines, a wellness plan per se, for the client to follow as a roadmap back to wellness. The path is unique based on remedying the most imbalanced dosha involved in one’s imbalance.

Wellness Plan Includes

Ayurveda wellness plan methods include Ayurvedic nutrition, lifestyle, herbal remedies, culinary spices and cooking, home cleansing, Ayurveda psychology, subtle therapies, and more.

Follow-up Consultations

Go Deeper, Get Better Results

After your initial consultation, it is often recommended to return for follow-up consultations. A series of appointments allow time for clients to integrate their recommendations, explore new insights and observations, and delve deeper into creating a more solid and sustained balance. Lasting balance comes in stages, each of which requires new insights and shifts in direction. The Ayurvedic Practitioner may adjust and add to current recommendations or address new health concerns as they become a priority. Follow-up consultations are one half-hour to an hour in length.