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AWC 2: Ayurveda Wellness Methods

Course Description

Practical Tools

  • Learn how to provide practical solutions to individual health problems
  • Learn how Ayurvedic nutrition works
  • Introduction to spices in Ayurvedic cooking
  • Learn how to employ an Ayurvedic home cleanse
  • Learn the use of oils for each constitutional type

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to the primary wellness methods used in Ayurvedic counseling
  • Encourage students to start using Ayurvedic wellness methods in their own lives
  • Gain more confidence with the use of a personalized diet and Ayurvedic daily routines

Required Reading

  • AWCP Course Manual: AWC 2 Manual

Covered Topics

• Lifestyle: Addressing the Nidan, Moving Towards our Nature

• Assessing Mental Prakriti and Vikriti

• Ayurvedic and Yogic Nutrition: Foods as Medicine

• Healing with Spices

• Dosha Balancing Teas

• Herbology: Common Herbs, Culinary Spices, and Formulas

• Rasayana:  Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging    

• Thailam: Medicated and Essential Oils for Internal and Topical Use

• Topical Therapies: Abhyanga, Lepa, Ointments

• Ayurvedic and Yogic Fasting / Cleansing: Custom Kitchari Cleanses

• Swasthavritta Daily Routines: Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Ratricharya, and Ritusandhi

• Women’s Health, Yoga and Ayurveda

• Asana for Prakriti Types and as Ayurvedic Therapy

• Joint Health in Yoga and Ayurveda

• Subtle Therapies: Pranayam, Meditation, and Mantra Therapies

Faculty Instructors

James Bailey, DASc, AD, LAc, E-RYT inspires an awakening to authenticity as the highest expression of faith in oneself on the path of yoga and healing. His teaching are eclectic and entertainingly provocative. He is sought out by yoga schools for his vast knowledge in traditional eastern teachings and modalities and the ability to bridge them to modern day living and individual healing. James is a third generation physician, Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine practitioner, Ayurveda and Yoga educator, and Yoga teacher trainer who has been living Yoga and Ayurveda for 30 years. His training includes 5 years (4000+ hours) of formal clinical studies in Oriental Medicine and training in Ayurveda under such luminary teachers as Dr. Vaijayanti Apte, Dr. Subash Ranade, Dr. Avinash Lele, Dr. Vasant Lad, and many Ayurvedic doctors and therapists in Kerala, south India where he spends time teaching and studying while on retreat. He heads Sevanti Institute and it’s signature Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program (AWCP), and leads retreats to India each February with his Sevanti Adventures.