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Sevanti Wellness Center (SWC) is a growing online Ayurveda counseling practice group looking for qualified Ayurveda Counselors to join our clinical team. SWC provides the community and the technical platform so you can practice from home with us. Set your own schedule, set your rates, connect with your people, and enjoy the sense of community as we practice together.

Why practice alone when SWC can offer you professional, social, academic, and clinical community support? Grow with us as you practice. SWC will provide you with a private Zoom account, booking, and credit card merchant platforms. Client payments are deposited directly to your personal bank account. And join us on our Slack team channel for group and one-on-one communications.

Practice in Community – Not Alone

More than 90% of Ayurveda school graduates practice alone, lacking community and support. The process is alienating and limiting to your career. Why practice alone when SWC can offer you professional, social, academic, and clinical community support? Grow with us as you practice.

What Else Do We Offer?

SWC will provide you with a home for your practice, with fellow counselors, a private Zoom account, booking and merchant platforms, and client payments deposited directly to your bank account. And join us on our Slack team channel for group and one-on-one communications.

Services You Will Provide

Client case management, Ayurveda consultations, initial and follow-up, prakriti and vikriti dosha assessments, samprapti diagnostics, personalized nutritional and lifestyle planning, customized herbal therapy plans, home cleansing, daily routines, the use of Ayurvedic oils, etc.

Grow Your Practice With Us

The SWC Clinical Team Practice serves as a lifeline to those who work in solo practices. The growth of any practice takes a village. Your practice is a reflection of you and the skills you bring to your clients. Are your skills being challenged? How confident are you in your diagnostics? When you have questions about a client case, do you have people to lean into? In a communal practice, we have each other to lean on, run clinical questions by, and learn from. The wisdom of Ayurvedic clinical practice should be shared and not alienated or coveted. SWC aims to provide the clinical setting, social opportunities, and practice competency needed for practitioners like you to grow in your practice. As humans, we can only grow together.

A few of the benefits you will receive at Sevanti Online Clinic:
  • Clinical support with client case management
  • Team psychology and a sense of being part of something
  • Social connections with other counselors and practitioners
  • Position opportunities such as mentoring, teaching, and tutoring
  • Flat low-cost monthly membership fee without hidden costs
  • Charge your clients the rates you feel comfortable with
  • Your own private SWC Zoom account
  • Use of SWC booking and credit card merchant platform included
  • Client payments are deposited directly to your bank account
  • Use of team Slack channel for group and individual communications
  • Social media and marketing promotions to support your practice
  • You control your practice schedule availability times

Practice Membership Fees

Practice Membership Fee: $200 per month

At SWC, we want you to keep your hard-earned revenue. To join our practice team, we require all Ayurveda Counselors to pay a flat monthly Practice Membership Fee of $200. Practicing counselors will also retain 100% of their client booking fees minus only the merchant transaction costs (3.3% + 30 cents per transaction). By contrast, most wellness centers will charge you a percentage of your client fees. Some as high as 60%. We want you to feel the abundance of doing what you love.

Because we are virtual and don’t have a brick-and-mortar building, our costs are lower than traditional wellness clinics. That said, there are costs to maintaining the practice of our counselors. The Practice Membership Fee will cover the administrative and technical costs required to keep you on board. That is just a fraction of the hard costs of renting a physical room at a physical wellness center, which can run as high as $1500 a month for a full-time practice space.

Application Process

The application process to join the SWC Clinical Team Practice is meant to be simple and intuitive, yet at the same time, we want to be sure that we’re getting quality candidates. Below you’ll see the steps required to apply. Start with the online form and we will reach out to you soon after to set up a time for a brief interview. We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out by email too if that’s easiest. Direct all requests to Casey Roberts, the SWC Director at Please also complete the online form so we have a hard copy of your request and an introduction to your clinical and educational background. We look forward to connecting and getting you on board at Sevanti Wellness Center.

Complete SWC Team Practice Application Form

The online SWC Team Practice Application Form is required to get a reply to your application. You'll find the link to the form at the top of this page. Be sure to include all of your educational and clinical training and experience as requested.

Schedule and Complete our Interview

Upon receiving your online application form, SWC will reach out to you to schedule an interview a 20-30 minutes via Zoom. The interview will be a brief discussion of your educational and clinical training and what you hope to accomplish at SWC.

Proof of Liability Insurance Policy

It is essential to attain a liability insurance policy prior to working at SWC. Be sure that the policy notes Sevanti Institute and Sevanti Wellness Center as additional insured so that your work with us is covered in the policy. We recommend getting your policy from Alternative Balance. Plans are affordable and can be customized to include Ayurveda.

Sign SWC Team Agreement

Upon the completion of the above, SWC will ask you to review and sign our SWC Team Agreement.


Applicants to the SWC Clinical Team Practice must meet the following qualifications to be accepted into our practice. We are looking for bright and ambitious Counselors willing to grow their practice within our group. We do not expect you to be wise sages or to have full-time practices. Those gifts will come with persistent effort and time. Rather, we are expecting you to show up, support your clients with heart and soul, be open to learning, and do your best to communicate should you need help with anything. Good communication is more desirable than years of experience. We are open to new counselors and recent graduates. We accept counselors of all experience levels to our practice.

AWC/AHC Certification or Greater

Ayurveda Counselors: applicants must be Sevanti Institute AWC certified or hold a diploma from an equivalent AHC school or greater. Minimum hours of Ayurvedic study: 650 hours. Applicant must be Ayurveda Health Counselor from NAMA or Registered Ayurveda Health Counselor from AAPNA recognized and have clinical training from your school. Yoga Therapists: applicants must hold C-IAYT certification or C-AYT certification from NAMA. Jyotish: applicants must be Jyotish Visharada from the Council of Vedic Astrology (CVA) or Registered Vedic Astrology Consultant from AAPNA.

Liability Insurance

Applicants must aquire and maintain a liability insurance policy prior to working at SWC. The policy must note Sevanti Institute and Sevanti Wellness Center as additional insured.

Be at Least 21 Years of Age

Applicant must be a minimum of 21 years of age. Life experience is important in Ayurveda counseling.

Rent Payment on Time

Applicants must be able to pay their monthly rent on time each month: Amount due on the first day of each month: $200 per month

Scope of Practice

The SWC practice is strictly limited to the Ayurveda Counselors, Yoga Therapists, and Jyotish practitioners. All services and recommendations must conform with these scopes of practice.


All SWC Counselors will present themselves professionally with proper attire and grooming at all counseling sessions, whether initial or follow-up.

Appropriate Zoom Etiquette

With the explosion of videoconferencing becoming the new normal in telemedicine, clients are exposed to a wide range of background environments. We understand that our homes are meant to be homes, but do your best to create a professional background as much as you can. Keep your Zoom space clean. Create proper lighting. Manage the noises of your home (kids, spouses, pets, etc). An occasional interruption is fine, but please avoid constant distractions to yourself and your client.

Mentorship Qualifications

Applicants interested in providing mentoring services to our younger counselors, may apply to the Level 4 Mentorship Program. Applicant must have a minimum 5 years of clinical experience.

Teaching Qualifications

Applicants interested in teaching the Sevanti Institute Ayurveda Foundation Program must first complete Mentorship Program Educational Track training program first.