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Course Description


In Ayurveda, there are said to be only three causes of all diseases, all three of which are psychological. These are known as the rogakarana. The Ayurvedic Psychology course will include the teachings of yogic psychology, which are often integrated into Ayurvedic practices. Students will learn simple practices that heal and clean the mind and a short form of the Antar Mouna pratyahara practice to improve self-witnessing skills. We will examine the recurring psychological conditions that limit us in life, and what Ayurveda as a psychological practice offers to free us of limitations and bond us to the path of emotional healing. On the path of Ayurveda and yoga, we choose to witness our limitations, embrace our truths, be present in every moment, resolve inner and outer conflict effectively, and grow more authentically on our unique healing journeys.

Covered Topics

  • Learn the 4 major aspects of the mind
  • Learn about their interaction and specific roles in disease and its management
  • Learn about the 3 causes of psychosomatic disorders
  • Learn about the 3 approaches to healing psychosomatic disorders
  • Learn about managing the mind through diet, lifestyle, daily and seasonal routines
  • Learn about the use of exercise, yoga exercise, breath work, contemplative and meditative practices and more
  • To achieve a better understanding of how Ayurveda understands the mind
  • To understand the distinctions of the different functions of the Mind
  • To learn specific tools that can help with balancing the mind

Faculty Instructors

James Bailey, DASc, AD

Sevanti Institute Instructor

James Bailey, DASc, AD, LAc, MPH, E-RYT500 is a third-generation health care practitioner, Ayurvedic Doctor, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Ayurveda and Yoga educator who has been practicing the wellness arts for 30 years. He is the founder of Sevanti Institute, offering Ayurveda wellness education and professional training programs including its signature Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program. He is available for Ayurveda Wellness Consultations through the Sevanti Online Clinic. Clinically, and in his teachings, James inspires an awakening to authenticity as the highest expression of faith in oneself on the path of all healing. His teachings are eclectic and entertainingly provocative. He is sought out by yoga schools for his vast knowledge in traditional eastern teachings and modalities and the ability to bridge them to modern-day living. His professional training includes 5 years of clinical studies in Oriental Medicine and training in Ayurveda under such luminary teachers as Dr. Vaijayanti Apte, Dr. Subash Ranade, Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, Dr. Avinash Lele, Dr. Vasant Lad, and many Ayurvedic doctors and therapists in Kerala, South India where he spends time teaching and studying while on retreat. He is the founder of Sevanti Adventures which offers an annual tour to sacred India each February.