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Tuition Overview

Payment of tuition at Sevanti Institute is an investment in your knowledge of life and, if you so choose, a future career. At Sevanti Institute you are in control of your education. The first step to consider as an entering student is to decide how much of the apple you want to bite off. Would you prefer to join our Drop-in Studies or are you considering a career shift to include certification from our Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program?  Follow your dreams. No price can be put on wisdom and self-knowledge.

Free Solo in Our Drop-in Studies

If you are the free solo type or not ready to consume the entire apple, you’ll want to join our Drop-in Studies. Drop-in students are welcome to explore any of our Level 1 and 2 courses. Tuition will vary between some course recordings and most live webinars are $400. Tuition rates are based on three full days of instruction. See our Live Course Registration and Recorded Course Library for drop-in tuition rates by individual course listing.

Join an AWCP Professional Training Cohort

This page is dedicated to tuition for the more full-on AWCP training. As you’ll see mentioned throughout this website, the AWCP program starts with Level 1 and proceeds to our advanced Level 2 and 3 certification programs. Level 1 is open to all and grads are not obligated to continue to Levels 2 and 3. Explore as much as you like. If you are considering a career as an Ayurveda Counselor, you’ll want to join a cohort of Level 2 students.

AWCP Tuition

Level 1 Tuition


6 days instruction, 42 hrs

Tuition: $895 in advance or $300 per month for 3 months.

* Includes Courses AWC 1-5 | AWC 1 Principles of Ayurveda Wellness | AWC 2 Ahara: Ayurvedic Nutrition | AWC 3 Ayurvedic Self-care Rituals | AWC 4 Ayurveda and Yoga: The Sister Sciences  | AWC 5 Ayurvedic Self-care Practicum Weekend

* Optional Level 1 Credit |  Elective AWC 6 Ayurveda in Kerala, South India: $4500. For tour details and registration go to Sevanti Adventures.

Level 2 Tuition


17 course modules, 510 hrs; 13 world-class instructors

Tuition: $350 per month for 17 months. Total investment: $5950. Save $850 off drop-in rates. Access to Zoom webinars and course recordings included.

* Includes Courses AWC 7-23

Level 3 Tuition


Individual and Group Supervision, 50 PEs, 170 hrs

Tuition: $308 per month for 12 months. Total investment: $3700. Access to Zoom webinars and course recordings included.

* Includes Courses AWC 24-27 | Level 3 Orientation Weekend: Counseling Methodologies | AWC 24 Individual and Group Supervision | AWC 25 Faculty Practicum Series | AWC 26 National Exam Prep Course | AWC 27 Case Study Final Exam

Level 4 Tuition


Tuition method:  Monthly auto-payment. $100 per month for 12 months. Total investment: $1200.

* Includes full practice privileges as an AWC Clinic Counselor at Sevanti Online Clinic (SOC). SOC practice rent for all practitioners and counselors is $200 per month. The tuition for mentorship is $100 per month.

Tuition Discounts & Scholarships

Online Education = No Hidden Costs

Sevanti Institute offers several options to reduce the cost of Ayurvedic education. The first is built-in to our online education platform and philosophy. Online courses are more affordable than brick-and-mortar schools. Without the high cost of leases, mortgages, maintenance, upgrades, utilities, and insurance on structural facilities, we can pass our reduced overhead down to you, the students. To attend in-person schools, students are expected to take time off from work and family, pay for airfare or other travel means, course tuition, textbooks, accommodations, and meals, and likely eat out. These hidden costs can more than double the cost of your education.

At Sevanti Institute, we believe that online education is a form of social justice because it omits the hidden costs that limit opportunity. Online education is accessible to remote locations far from schools of Ayurveda. It also levels the playing field for those unable to leave work without the risk of losing a job or leaving a family with children that need support.

Sevanti Institute offers several means to reduce the cost of your education. These include scholarships, applying early, and helping us to grow by referring students to our program. Read more below.

Sevanti BIPOC Scholarships (Levels 1-3)

Talent is universal, but opportunity is not. The Sevanti BIPOC Scholarship is available to all BIPOC students enrolling in the study of Ayurveda at Sevanti Institute. Our aim is to improve the accessibility of Ayurvedic education to BIPOC persons in order to serve those communities and to create a more diverse community of practitioners in the US. The Sevanti BIPOC Scholarship provides a 25 – 50% tuition reduction (depending on need) on all three program levels. Additionally, all other discounts apply.

Unlimited 20% Referral Discounts (Level 1)

Sevanti Institute and our host Yoga school partners are offering a very generous referral discount. The referral plan offers a 20% discount for each student you recruit into the training. Discounts are reimbursed to you upon full payment of your referrals. A yoga teacher who joined a California training referred 4 of her students and received 80% off her tuition. That was in addition to the early bird discount as well. If you’re a teacher, let your students know! Your referrals are important to us and we look forward to rewarding you for spreading the word.

Refund Policy

Drop-in Studies

Drop-in course purchases are non-refundable due to immediate access to the course video recording.

Level 1

Level 1 program tuition is non-refundable due to the immediate access to your Level 1 course video library. In lieu of a refund, we will hold your tuition for a future upcoming live Level 1 program. Students are also welcome to stream the course recordings at their own pace. Discounts offered at the time of registration will be honored at later training programs. Drop-in course purchases of Level 1 courses are non-refundable due to immediate access to the course video recording.

Level 2

Partial refunds are only available for courses that have been pre-paid in advance. Drop-in course purchases of Level 2 courses are non-refundable due to immediate access to the course video recording.

Level 3

Partial refunds are available for Level 3 students. Level 3 tuition is paid on a monthly basis to cover that month’s individual and group supervision, as well as any additional courses taught by other faculty. Tuition paid for past supervision may not be refunded, however, if a student needs to drop out, the remaining monthly supervision fees can be refunded (if previously paid in full) or monthly autopayments canceled at that time.