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Sevanti Wellness Center

Sevanti Wellness Center is a holistic telemedicine group practice offering Ayurveda Counseling, Yoga Therapy, and Vedic Astrology (aka Jyotish). These three disciplines offer insights, remedies, and empowerment for human life. Understand your nature, heal holistically, and create new healthy habits. Connect with one practitioner or several across disciplines to understand your life fully. 

How Do I Get Started?

SWC Team Practice Centers

Ayurveda Counseling

Traditional Ayurveda consultations, dosha assessments and diagnostics, personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans, herbal therapy plans, home cleansing, daily routines, Ayurvedic oils, and more.

Yoga Therapy

Personalized yoga therapy for stress, anxiety, or depression, injury recovery & disease management. Start a meditation or mindfulness practice, or simply deepen your knowledge of yoga.

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)

Birth chart analysis of the influence of the planets on your life. Identify the strengths and weaknesses influenced by the universe around us at the time of our birth and at the present moment.

Contact Clinic Director

Casey Roberts | Clinic Director