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Post-Grad Opportunities at Sevanti

Graduation is Just the Beginning

While most schools drop their students once they graduate, at Sevanti we want to invest in you to be a part of our team for as long as you enjoy the community element and continued mentorship that we provide each other. Here is how a post-graduate professional relationship at Sevanti will work and feel:

Once you are certified at Sevanti as an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, we are proud to offer continuing postgrad opportunities for you to join us on our clinical faculty at Sevanti Online Clinic (SOC) and eventually, with teacher training, as an instructor at Sevanti Institute teaching our Ayurveda Foundation Programs. We also offer an optional postgrad Mentorship Program to raise competency even higher if you so choose. So, in short, we can offer you more knowledge, more skill, and more confidence to do what you love. We can offer you employment opportunities to remain a part of the community of students and teachers that you’ve grown connected to. We will not leave you to practice on your own. A school of Ayurveda should not end when you graduate. In a sense, graduation is really just the beginning.

Clinical Practice at SOC

Rather than initiating your practice within a solo practice environment, Sevanti Institute graduates are welcome to establish their practice here at Sevanti Online Clinic (SOC) where they will benefit from the SOC community support and group practice environment. SOC Counselors will have access to the sub-licensed Zoom accounts, Slack communications, online booking, client payment, and direct deposit platforms. Most importantly, you will be surrounded by other counselors and continue to learn from more experienced practitioners as you grow more confident in your practice.

Clinical Mentorship at SOC

Sevanti Institute offers an optional 12-month postgraduate Mentorship Program for our grads at SOC. Each Mentorship Counselor (aka “Mentee”) will practice as a certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselor (AWC) while being mentored in the Mentorship Program. The Clinical Mentorship Track of the Mentorship Program is an optional mentorship path that focuses on the clinical and case management skills of the mentee. Mentees will be coached via individual and group mentorship sessions. They will also learn from fellow mentees within the group practice environment. 

Educational Mentorship at Sevanti Institute

The Educational Mentorship Track of the Mentorship Program is an optional mentorship path that focuses on the teaching skills of the mentee. Opportunities to teach Ayurveda are limitless with opportunities found at local Yoga schools, and national and international yoga schools, especially as online training explodes worldwide. Teaching Ayurveda is a powerful way to deepen your understanding of Ayurveda and can be a powerful complementary revenue stream for the AWC counselor. Sevanti Institute encourages our graduates to teach at Sevanti Institute, particularly in the Ayurveda Foundation Program. However, we do not restrict or limit where and what you teach.