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Drop-in Studies

Dear Drop-in Students

Anyone can be a Drop-in Student. You’re welcome to purchase our live webinars and/or course recordings to advance your knowledge of life and Ayurveda. No need to sign up for the entire multi-level program. Whether you’re a yoga teacher or practitioner, an Ayurvedic professional, a medical professional, a nutritionist, a mother, a father, or anyone from any background or identity, if you are curious about Ayurveda for self-care and the care of those you love, join us.

If you are an Ayurveda professional seeking NAMA PACE credits or a yoga teacher seeking YA CE credits, you are welcome to drop-in. See our Continuing Education page for details.

What courses may a Drop-in Student take? Most, but not all. Any course you find in our Course Recordings section is available to anyone for drop-in studies. We hope you enjoy them. Ayurveda Foundation Program and Ayurveda Immersion Program live webinars and course recordings are available to drop-in students for personal growth or continuing education purposes. Because client cases are discussed, for privacy purposes Clinical Supervision Program is closed to drop-ins.

Drop-in Requirements

Drop-in studies may not be applied towards Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program (AWCP) advancement and certification. Only AWCP enrolled students qualify for certification. You may, however, receive a course Certificate of Completion for personal or continuing education purposes.

All Sevanti Institute course recordings are available to drop-in students. Choose a course that suits your needs, purchase, and stream at your own pace. Enjoy!

Course Exams: For each course there is an online exam found in the Testing Center of the website. Drop-in students are not required to take the exams if they choose not to. Exams are only required for AWCP enrolled students and continuing education students. Continuing Education students must take the course exam to receive an official Certificate of Completion (CoC). You will need to submit the CoC for CE credits.

If you prefer live instruction webinars with other students and the instructor, your options are to enroll in the entire Foundation Program, and/or take individual Immersion Program live webinar courses. Immersion Program live webinar courses AWC 7-23 are available for drop-in.

If you prefer to study at your own pace, we recommend taking our courses via course recordings. Stream them at any time at your pace. All of our Level 1 and Level 2 courses are available via course recordings.