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Mentorship Programs

Practice Development at Sevanti Wellness

Mentorship at Sevanti Wellness

The SW Mentorship Program enables our Team Practitioners to practice new skills in clinical settings with the support and guidance of a more specialized and experienced mentor from within their discipline. In addition to the community peer exchange that comes with general SW membership, our mentors offer one-on-one support at a higher standard of guidance.

Each department (Ayurveda Counseling, Yoga Therapy, and Vedic Astrology) will develop a unique mentorship program based on the needs and practices within their discipline. Check with the Department Director for more details.

Choose a mentorship track:

Clinical Track | This track will focus on the best practices for case management and advanced clinical skills required to improve client outcomes more effectively. Most of these skills are not taught in schools and come from years and sometimes decades of experience. They are unique to each practice discipline and focus on building realistic and effective treatment plans and improving patient compliance.

Professional Development Track | This track will focus on professional development skills needed to build your business. Skills include practice management, business goals, mindset, ethics, practitioner-client boundaries, marketing, virtual tools, and brand building.

Educational Track | This track will focus on the skills required to teach your area of practice confidently. Skills include curriculum development, effective communication, storytelling, ethics, handouts/manuals/visual aids, course structure, course duration, team teaching, marketing and enrollment, virtual and in-person etiquette, teacher-student boundaries, live and recorded streaming, platforms that support online teaching, and the use of social media.

Mentorship Requirements

The Mentorship Program is a unique opportunity for our Team Practitioners to participate in clinical practice at Sevanti Wellness while receiving continued supervised guidance. We believe that graduating from a school in Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, or Vedic Astrology is just the beginning of the path to competency. Mentorship is an excellent way to continue to grow.

Sevanti Wellness requires the following to participate in our mentorship program.

Available to SW Team Practitioners Only

Mentee must be a member of Sevanti Wellness in good standing. They must be accepted into one or more of the three SW departments: Ayurveda Counseling, Yoga Therapy, or Vedic Astrology. Payment of your monthly practice membership fees must be in good standing. Your professional liability insurance policy must also be active with Sevanti Wellness added as an additional insured.

Mentorship Fees

Mentorship fees will vary by department and mentor. Mentees are responsible for scheduling sessions and paying all mentorship fees directly to their mentor. Fees may be required to be paid on an hourly or monthly rate. Online access to your mentor, including hours and days of availability, will be unique to your mentor.

Mentorship Case Management

Mentees are recognized as professional practicing members of Sevanti Wellness. We recognize that you are seeking further guidance and refinement of your skills. Mentees are expected to independently manage the communications, case intake and reports, and rapport of their clients. As a professional, you are responsible for the quality and outcomes of those cases.

Individual Mentorship

Challenging clients are the most fruitful to learn from. When faced with a challenging case, the mentee should schedule a session with the mentor for supervision. Each mentor will have different hours of availability. Individual mentorship is a private, personal, and professional relationship with one aim only - to advance the clinical skills of the mentee in order to improve clinical outcomes with their clients.

Group Mentorship

Some mentors may choose to host a group meeting of their mentees. Mentorship is a private process and yet there are universal teachings that are useful to share with other mentees. Your mentor may ask you to share such insights with other mentees at a group mentorship meeting. Group meetings create an environment of mutual support and growth. Group mentorship is available at the discretion of each mentor.

Ethical Conduct

As a SW Team Practitioner and mentee, you are expected to follow the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct with your clients, mentor, SW Team Practice co-members, and leadership team at all times. These standards are found in your Practitioner Contract. Violations may result in being removed from the Mentorship Program and SW practice. Such judgements are made by the leadership team.