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Level 4 Mentorship Program

Post-Grad Opportunities at Sevanti Wellness Center

Mentorship at Sevanti Wellness Center

The Mentorship Program offers a postgraduate clinical position at Sevanti Wellness Center (SWC) while receiving continued clinical and personal mentorship support for a transition year. Each Mentorship Counselor (aka “Mentee”) will be welcomed into the SWC practice as a certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselor (AWC) while being mentored in the Mentorship Program. Mentees will be mentored and monitored via individual and group mentorship sessions. They will also learn from fellow mentees within the group practice environment. 

Choose a mentorship track, or both:

Clinical Mentorship Track | Tuition: $100 per month: Rather than initiating their practice within a solo practice environment, mentees will benefit from the Sevanti Institute and Sevanti Wellness Center community support, brand marketing, and group practice environment. Mentees will have access to the SWC Zoom account, client payment, and booking platform. Most importantly, you will continue to learn from supervisors and each other and you grow more confident in your practice. Tuition: $100 per month

Educational Mentorship Track | Tuition: $100 per month: Opportunities to teach Ayurveda are limitless with opportunities found at local Yoga schools, and national and international yoga schools, especially as online training explodes worldwide. The Mentorship Program also offers a secondary Educational Mentorship Track where mentees will learn advanced teaching skills in the fields of Ayurveda philosophy, wellness practices, diagnostics, and counseling practicum courses. Mentees are encouraged to teach both independently from Sevanti as well as our Level 1 Ayurveda Foundation Programs. 

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Mentorship Requirements

The Level 4 Mentorship Program is a unique post-grad opportunity for our AWC graduates to participate in clinical practice at Sevanti Wellness Center while also receiving continued supervised guidance in their practice. We believe that graduating from a school of Ayurveda is really just the beginning of the path to competency. Mentorship is an excellent way to continue to grow as a counselor. Sevanti Institute and Sevanti Wellness Center require the following to participate in our Level 4 program.

Available to SWC Clinic Team Members Only

Mentee must first be accepted as an active clinic team member at Sevanti Wellness Center (SWC). Payment of monthly practice rent of $200 must be in good standing.

Individual Supervision Hours

Mentees and Level 3 Student Interns will share access to the supervisor via the two 5-hour supervision windows per week (Tues & Thurs 12-5p CST). Plan to limit your individual mentorship sessions to 30 minutes per week. Mentees are responsible for scheduling their mentoring time with the mentor during mentorship hours (Tues & Thurs 12-5p CST).

Mentorship Counselor Case Management

Mentees are professional Ayurveda Wellness Counselors serving within the Mentorship Program. We recognize that you are fully certified and yet seeking further guidance and refinement of your skills. The Mentees will independently manage the needed communications, case data intake, and rapport of their clients. As a professional, you are responsible for the quality and outcomes of those cases.

Please note that your client's case diagnostics and reports are no longer required to be supervised or authorized prior to being shared with the client. Sharing your client's case information is a voluntary act within the Mentorship Program with the intention of improving the quality and competency of your work as a professional Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. Case reports with their final diagnostics and recommendations may be changed with your client at any time without supervision.

Individual Mentorship

When faced with a challenging client, the Counselor mentee has the option to schedule a session with the Mentor during mentorship hours. Mentorship is a private process and yet there are universal teachings within it that might be useful to share with the other Counselor mentees in group. Your Mentor may ask you to share your insights with the group at one of the monthly group mentorship meetings.

Group Mentorship Meetings

Mentees in the Mentorship Program will meet once per month to share cases and mentor each other. The group practice approach caretes an environment of mutual support and growth as practicing counselors at Sevanti Wellness Center.

Educational Mentorship Track

The Educational Mentorship Track is an optional mentorship path that focuses on the teaching skills of the mentee. Opportunities to teach Ayurveda are limitless with opportunities found at local Yoga schools, and national and international yoga schools, especially as online training explodes worldwide. Teaching Ayurveda is a powerful way to deepen your understanding of Ayurveda and can be a powerful complementary revenue stream for the AWC counselor. Sevanti Institute and SWC encourage our graduates to teach here at Sevanti Institute, particularly our Level 1 Ayurveda Foundation Program. However, we do not restrict or limit where and what you teach.

All Educational Mentorship Track mentees are required to participate in the Spring and Fall Level 1 Ayurveda Foundation Programs as assistant teachers and sometimes as co-teachers when deemed to be ready.

SOC Client Consultation Fees

Because mentees are certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselors, all fees paid by your clients will be paid directly to you via direct deposit through the SWC platform. None of the client's fees will go to SWC or Sevanti Institute. SWC believes that $108 for an initial intake and $80 for a follow-up are very reasonable fees for beginner-level AWC services provided at your level of training. We understand that some clients may not have the resources to pay full rates for Ayurveda consultations and local communities will vary. In such cases, inform your Mentor to request an exceptional allowance of free consultations.

Mentorship Fees

Mentorship Counselors are responsible for paying a $300 per month fee via monthly autopay to SWC for mentorship services. In exchange for your monthly fee, mentees will receive the following:
1. Mentees will receive all net payments from their SWC clients. Practice rates are $108 for initial intake consultation + report and $80 for follow-up sessions; less 2.9% merchant fees. Payment will be deposited via direct deposit to the mentee’s private bank account. Mentees may request an adjustment to these rates based on their community standards.
2. Access to Mentor via the weekly individual mentorship hours in “Soup Room”. Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00 - 5:00 pm CST. Sessions must be scheduled via the SWC supervision links on the SWC webpage. Mentorship is intended to refine and increase the competency of the counselor’s clinical counseling skills.
3. Monthly online group mentorship meetings in “Soup Room” with informal case presentations, and support from Mentor and Mentorship Intern community.
4. SWC clinic platform access: website bio/headshot and links, Square merchant and booking services, Zoom licensed sub-account, Slack sub-account, SWC logo on client forms
5. Benefit from SI/SWC brand marketing, group practice reputation, and community support

Level 4 Tuition


Tuition method:  Monthly auto-payment. $100 per month for 12 months per track.
Total investment: $1200 per track.

* Includes full practice privileges as an AWC Clinic Counselor at Sevanti Wellness Center (SWC). SWC practice membership fee for all practitioners and counselors is $200 per month. The tuition for mentorship is $100 per month per track. Choose the Clinical Track, the Teaching Track, or both.