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AWC 6: Ayurveda Experience in India

The Journey to India Retreat is an optional experience open to anyone with a passion to experience India. One need not be an AWCP student to attend. For AWCP students, the tour is optional, however, the experience will deepen your understanding of Ayurveda and of life. It is an experience not to be missed.

The Journey is a two-segmented tour through south and north India. As a whole, it is an exquisite inner and outer journey through the layers of our being, from home to India, to pure relaxation with daily yoga and massage. The first week of our journey, we call the Sacred Sap Retreat, is named after the warm, rejuvenating, rasayana Ayurvedic oils we will be massaged with daily at the famous AyurSoma Ayurveda Royal Retreat and Ayurveda Centre. The Sacred Sap Retreat in Kerala (South India) is designed to remove stress, jet lag, and years of aging, connect one another, and open us to the beauty found in and around us. The Sacred Sap Retreat also serves to prepare us for the transformative experiences of the Post-Retreat Tour to different North India locations each year.

AWCP students will experience a once-in-a-lifetime week of one of the deepest Ayurveda traditions in India. Kerala and Kerala-style Ayurveda are sattvic pure natural healing experiences. The location of the Ayurveda Centre is like a scene out of Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”. It is said that Ayurveda best thrives where nature is best thriving. The lush and jungled Kerala ecosystem creates one of the most healing environments for natural medicine to work. Jungled environs, the waves of the exotic Arabian Sea crashing nearby, tropical birds singing all around, and the scent of sandalwood and cooking spices stimulate our appetites.

Though the program is primarily experiential, some learning is offered: lectures with the Ayurvedic doctors, talks with Sevanti Institute founder James Bailey, and treatment therapists will introduce one of the most refined Ayurvedic practices in all of India. We will see how traditional medicines and thailams (medicated oils) are prepared. The lush gardens around the property are filled with growing medicinal herbs. The meals are purely sattvic and doshically based. Plan on your meals being customized to your Ayurvedic constitution and unique imbalances. To receive 100 hours of AWCP credits, students will turn in a 7-10 page personal journal of the experience.

To learn more about the tour, link over to the Sevanti Adventures website for registration, payments, itinerary, and helpful travel tips.


  • Stay at the famous AyurSoma Ayurveda Royal Retreat and Ayurveda Centre
  • Experience two hours of Kerala-style Ayurveda treatments daily
  • Learn from Ayurvedic doctors and treatment therapists
  • See how traditional medicines and oils are prepared
  • Be nourished by pure Ayurvedic and South Indian cuisine
  • Excursions to Shiva Temple, Kali Temple, and jungle boat ride