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Sevanti Institute Program Overview

Program Objective

The objective of Sevanti Institute is to provide the highest quality online education available for those seeking to integrate a living Ayurveda into their lives and for those seeking the required professional training to practice as an Ayurveda Counselor.

The Ayurveda Foundation Program is ideal for self-healing, family care, and helping those closest to us in our communities. The Ayurveda Immersion Program is a deeper dive into the Ayurveda healing arts with 12 world-class instructors. Our Clinical Supervision Program is a professional clinical training program designed to offer the required skills to practice as an Ayurveda Counselor. Students at any level are not obligated to advance to the next level unless they desire that deeper immersion. Go as deep as you like.

A Four-Tiered Approach to Ayurveda Wellness Education

The AWCP offers a four-tiered approach to Ayurveda wellness education so that students of all interest levels may benefit from our programs.

Ayurveda Foundation Program (42-142 hrs):

  • Ayurveda Foundation Programs are open to all as a lifestyle and self-care immersion into the Ayurvedic view of life, health, and healing. Level 1 begins the journey of healing ourselves and those closest to us. Learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda wellness for life, for family, friends, and community. Open to anyone interested in a living practice of Ayurveda and a long life of natural health. To heal others we must heal ourselves.
  • 5 Course Modules (all are required):  Our Level 1 Core Modules (AWC 1-5) are taught online over three weekends.
  • Instructors: Claire Ragozzino and James Bailey
  • 1 Optional Module: AWC 6 is an annual February tour to lush and jungled Kerala in south India to experience one of the deepest Ayurveda traditions in all of India. Credit: 100-hrs.
  • Format: available via live Zoom webinars; course recordings available
  • Instruction Time: 42 hrs   (Core Modules: 42 hrs; plus 100-hr Elective Module: 142 hrs)

Ayurveda Immersion Program (510 hrs):

  • Ayurveda Immersion Programs are open to all. The immersion takes the foundation training deeper into the world of advanced Ayurveda anatomy, pathology, self-care, and assessment of health imbalances, and develops deep knowledge of how life and our bodies function to stay well and to heal. Live weekend modules are offered exclusively via webinar.
  • 17 Course Modules (all are required): advanced Ayurveda modules (30-hrs each) designed to deepen your understanding of Ayurveda; includes Ayurveda herbology, Ayurveda nutrition, Ayurveda pathology, Ayurvedic remedies for common diseases, pulse and tongue reading, women’s health, pre/post-natal Ayurveda, cleansing therapies, Ayurveda psychology, Ayurvedic cooking, essential oil therapies, Jyotish (Vedic astrology), Vastu Shastra (aka Vedic Feng Shui), and more.
  • Instructors: Claire Ragozzino, Arun Deva, Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar, Dr. Manas Kshirsagar, Dr. KP Khalsa, Laura Plumb, Dr. Margo Bachman, David Crow, Simon Chokoisky, Sherri Silverman, and James Bailey.
  • Format: available via live Zoom webinars; course recordings available
  • Prerequisite: Open to everyone
  • Instruction Time: 510 hrs

Clinical Supervision Program (170 hrs):

  • Clinical Supervision Programs offer faculty supervision and clinical feedback via group supervision, counseling practicums, case reports, teleconferences with other students and faculty, as well as one-on-one private mentoring.
  • Refine your skills. Clinical supervision is an essential step in refining the practice of Ayurveda wellness counseling. Learn from those with years of experience, as well as from your peers. Clinical supervision offers valuable insights into your work as a counselor, helping you to improve your capacity to assess Ayurveda doshic patterns and offer the most effective treatment strategies to support your patients.
  • 4 Course Modules: We start with the Level 3 Orientation Weekend. AWC 24 Individual and Group Supervision offers the essential clinical supervision needed to practice competently; AWC 25 Faculty Practicum Series offers students the rare opportunity to watch, experience, and participate with our team of faculty practitioners as they conduct live assessments on volunteer clients. AWC 27 Case Report Final Exam and Supervision provides supervision for the final case report required for Ayurveda Counselor certification.
  • 1 Optional Module: AWC 26 National AHC Exam Prep Course. This course is streamed from our Course Recording Library. Students will review and prepare for the national AHC exam under faculty guidance and learn helpful study tips to prepare for it. Credit: 30-hrs.
  • Instructor/Supervisor: James Bailey, DASc, AD
  • Format: available exclusively via live Zoom webinars; no course recordings available
  • Prerequisite: Our Ayurveda Immersion Program, or equivalent
  • Instruction Time: 170 hours

Mentorship Program (Post-Grad, 12 months):

  • The Mentorship Program is a post-grad opportunity to receive clinical and personal mentorship support for one transition year following graduation. Mentees are welcomed into the Sevanti Online Clinic practice as certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselors (AWC/AHC) while being mentored in the Mentorship Program. Mentees will be mentored via individual and group mentorship sessions. They will also learn from fellow mentees within the group practice environment.
  • Improve competency. Continued learning and supervision are essential to increasing competency as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. Take advantage of our clinic supervisors and fellow mentees to continue the learning process to advance your practice.
  • Clinical Mentorship Track. Rather than initiating their practice within a solo practice environment, mentees will benefit from the Sevanti Institute and Sevanti Online Clinic community support and group practice environment. Mentees will continue to learn from supervisors and each other and you grow more confident in your practice.
  • Educational Mentorship Track. The Mentorship Program also offers an Educational Mentorship Track where mentees will learn advanced teaching skills in the fields of Ayurveda philosophy, wellness practices, diagnostics, and counseling practicum courses. Mentees are encouraged to teach both independently from Sevanti as well as our Level 1 Ayurveda Foundation Programs.
  • Format: available exclusively via live Zoom webinars
  • Prerequisite: AWC Certification from Sevanti Institute or equivalent AWC/AHC program
  • Instruction Period: 12 months