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Liability Insurance

 Liability Insurance Plans from Alternative Balance

Alternative Balance is the #1 place for low-cost benefits packages for professionals and students in the Health and Fitness Industry. The Alternative Therapy Association (ATA) is a part of an online association group formed by Alternative Balance, supporting your work for better living.

ATA’s mission is to provide a low-cost benefits package to professionals and students that includes professional liability insurance and business tools to strengthen and encourage growth in the industry. Every Alternative Balance policy/membership includes the most value at the most affordable price for professionals, students, and part-time workers in the industries of health, beauty, fitness, and wellness.

Sevanti Institute Suggests

Sevanti Institute and the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) recommends its graduates to obtain liability insurance from Alternative Balance. Policy, which includes:

General Liability (Slip & Fall) & Professional Liability Coverage Up to $3,000,000

Coverage for your work in the United States, Internationally & Online

Coverage for herbal recommendations & custom formulations (packaged products coverage can be purchased through an additional policy)

Coverage in one policy for Ayurveda, Yoga, Massage Therapy & Additional Modalities (see policy details)

Please direct specific questions about the policy directly to Alternative Balance.