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AWC 18: Ayurveda Cleansing Therapies

Course Description

Our bodies are remarkably intelligent organisms, working to cleanse and regenerate each day. Yet, in a world of daily stressors, increased environmental toxins and imbalanced routines, our physical and mental digestion can become taxed. The routine practice of systematic cleansing is a keystone in an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Not only does a cleanse help our bodies and routines transition and align to a new season, but it restores digestion to its optimal functioning state. This module covers the signs and symptoms of an overburdened system, the key aims of cleansing, and when and how to design a purposeful home cleanse. 

Covered Topics

  • For whom and when to cleanse
  • Understanding Ama
  • The Doshas and digestive disorders
  • Brahmana and Langhana principles
  • A comparative look at cleansing protocols
  • Identifying signs and symptoms of Agni impairment
  • Tongue analysis
  • Types of therapeutic fasting
  • Recipes for clearing Ama
  • Lifestyle practices for cleansing
  • Pranayama & meditation to support the subtle body
  • Kitchen remedies and recipes
  • To understand the role of purposeful cleansing
  • A look at Langhana therapies
  • Identify Ama and the steps to reduce it
  • Clear knowledge of the body systems involved in cleansing
  • Mapping the structure and stages of cleansing
  • Supporting yourself and clients through a home cleanse
  • Shamana vs. Shodhana therapies
  • A peek into the Panchakarma process
  • Designing an appropriate home cleanse
  • The role of Rasayana

Faculty Instructors

Claire Ragozzino

Sevanti Institute Instructor

Claire Ragozzino is a certified yoga instructor and Ayurvedic practitioner with a background in nutrition and natural cooking. Her work is dedicated to bringing yoga, Ayurveda, and nutrition to a modern lifestyle. She is the author of the popular site, Vidya Living, and also writes and photographs for online and print publications surrounding topics of food, culture, and our relationship to nature. Her first book, Living Ayurveda, offers a comprehensive Ayurvedic cookbook and lifestyle guide. Claire works with clients around the globe, specializing her work in women’s health, and leads immersive workshops and retreats.