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AWC 20: Jyotish in Ayurveda Counseling

Course Description

Astrology is the language of time. Everything that is born, that has a lifespan and an ending is a space/time event. All space/time events leave a signature in the sky. Astrology helps us read that signature, providing and interpreting clues to the evolution of our health, prosperity, relationships, and career.  In this class, we will introduce the basic structure of this language- the verbs and nouns, the grammar and syntax, that will help us one day speak it fluently. Special emphasis will be given to understanding the sometimes hidden causes of disease, and how they can be understood from the standpoint of time: the ‘temporal’ etiology of the disease process.

Covered Topics

  • Identify disease markers for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and others
  • Identify markers for surgery and trauma
  • Identify body parts affected based on signs, houses, and drekkana
  • Identify Ayurvedic prakriti and vikriti paradigms
  • Identify whether herbal, dietary, or other protocols are appropriate
  • The 12 Houses of the Horoscope
  • The 9 Planets and their meanings
  • How to determine planetary strength & weakness
  • Planetary aspects
  • How to determine House strength & weakness
  • How to determine House strength & weakness
  • Review of the planets and their effects on health
  • Review of the houses and their effects on health
  • Review of the signs and their effects on health
  • The connection between Ayurveda and Astrology
  • Simple basic remedies astrologers use
  • Blessings & Curses- three levels of karma
  • Common disease combinations
  • Specific Diseases
  • Common Remedial Measures
  • Timing Techniques

Faculty Instructors

Simon Chokoisky

Sevanti Institute Instructor

Simon Chokoisky worked five years at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM, where he taught Medical Jyotisha and Sanskrit. He is the author of The 5 Dharma Types: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living, along with Sex, Love & Dharma, and Gambler’s Dharma. His forthcoming book, Spiritual Dharma: How to Find Enlightenment in the New Millennium comes out fall 2018. His Sanskrit Without Stress book and DVD program has been hailed by students as the easiest way to learn Sanskrit. He travels widely and consults clients over the phone and online. To contact, email