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Starting Your Journey at Sevanti Institute

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This is your healing journey.

No healing journey ever fails when nourished by self-knowledge and love.

Sevanti Institute was created to offer teachings from the Ayurvedic traditions as a resource on your healing path. We allow drop-in students to most of our courses and take great pride in training Ayurvedic Wellness Counselors to spread these teachings and assist others on their healing journeys. Ayurveda will bring a crystal clear view, personalization, and logic to your self-care practice, but as a personal sacred practice (sadhana) it should be rooted in authenticity (sadvritta), self-knowledge (sva-vritta), and love. You are important to us. We at Sevanti are as dedicated to your journey as we are to our own.

If you have questions about our programs, feel free to reach out to us directly, any time, to answer questions, help with registration, or just to talk.

Wishing you all the best on your healing path.

James Bailey, DASc, AD, LAc, MPH, ERYT500
Sevanti Institute Founder and Director |  310-393-4124

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Drop-in Studies vs Enrollment

Drop-in Students are Welcome!

Anyone seeking knowledge and personal insights from the Ayurveda tradition is welcome to join us as a Drop-in Student. Explore any of our Foundation and Immersion program webinars or stream the course recordings at your own pace. Similarly, Ayurvedic professionals seeking NAMA PACE credits will enjoy our Continued Education courses, all accepted by NAMA. Drop in!

Enrolling as an AWCP Student

If you’re looking for deeper insights or certification as an Ayurveda Counselor, then enroll in our Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program (AWCP). You may start with the Ayurveda Foundation Program or Ayurveda Immersion Program. Foundations is available as a stand-alone program with no obligation to continue studies. The Immersion Program is also open to anyone with the foundation knowledge and wanting more. Students with a foundational knowledge of Ayurveda may skip to the Immersion Program. The Clinical Supervision Program is our professional clinical training program.

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Educational Path Options

Start with the Foundation Program and See How it Goes

With Sevanti Institute you are in control of your own learning. Take our stand-alone Ayurveda Foundation Program for self-care and the care of those you love. If you fall in love with Ayurveda you have the option to proceed to our Ayurveda Immersion Program and Clinical Supervision Programs if you are seeking certification as an Ayurveda Counselor.

Foundation Program Wasn’t Enough? Great, Enroll in the Immersion Program

If you are passionate about more or want to pursue certification as an Ayurveda Counselor, then enroll in our Immersion and Clinical Supervision Programs.

– OR –
Drop-in Studies and NAMA PACE Credits

If you love to learn without commitment, drop into courses that look interesting. All are welcome. Register for the courses you like.*

Ayurvedic professionals seeking NAMA PACE credits can do the same.

(*Drop-in studies may not be applied toward AWC certification.)

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Simple Registration

Getting Started: Foundation Program, Immersion Program, and Drop-in Studies

If you’re just getting started with us, you’ll need to create a Student Account by completing the Register Your Student Account form. Your Student Account will give you access to Foundation and Immersion Program course videos and exams in the Testing Center.

Clinical Supervision Program Admissions

Our Clinical Supervision Program students must complete the Clinical Supervision Program Form.

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Sevanti Online Clinic

Ayurveda Counselor Clinic: Experienced Counselors

We hope you’ll take advantage of our in-house Ayurveda Counselor Clinic which hosts our professional Ayurveda Counselors. Book consultations and follow-ups through the website. Build a relationship with your counselor online and meet regularly. Receive updated Ayurvedic reports that include diagnostics, along with personalized dietary, lifestyle, herbal, and home cleansing recommendations. As a student, your personal health is as important as your education.

Student Clinic: Clinic Interns

Sevanti Wellness Center also hosts our Clinical Supervision Program student interns, aka Clinic Interns, who are supervised by experienced practitioners at the Student Clinic. Clinic Intern counseling services are available at a greatly reduced rate. All Clinic Intern case reports are reviewed by a Clinic Supervisor prior to making recommendations to their clients.

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Sevanti Adventures: The Journey to India Retreat

Travel with us!

Another important part of your education is to see the world of Ayurveda at its source. Our sister Sevanti entity, Sevanti Adventures, offers a life-changing tour to one of the most famous Ayurveda centers in Kerala, South India. This tour will shift everything. 2022 tour dates: February 6-17, 2024

The 2024 Journey to India & Nepal is two tours in one: the Sacred Sap Retreat in Kerala (South India) and the Post Retreat Tour to Varanasi (North India) and Kathmandu (Nepal).

Sevanti Adventures bases its itinerary on wellness, cultural, and spiritual immersion experiences in locations that deepen our understanding of life and inspire personal growth.

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Ayurveda Education is Way More Than VPK

We know you have a choice for your education.

Our vision is simple. A flower will turn its face to follow the warm rays of the sun as it crosses the sky. What inspires the flower, inspires us. Sevanti Institute was ignited by the passion of sharing the wisdom of nature as a force for personal wellbeing and social change while holding onto the dual flames of tradition and quality instruction. We believe that Ayurveda is a universal insight that must be applied at the personal level to be true. Ayurveda teaches that an intelligent equilibrium lies within us and that one must remain vigilant to our unique nature to remain in balance.

The Sevanti Institute curriculum is focused exclusively on the Ayurveda Wellness Counselor practice because we believe that education and self-awareness are the keys to sustainable wellness and enlightened self-care.

We are a passionate group of Ayurveda educators who love to share the Wisdom of Life with those who are ready to receive it. Living true to ourselves, authentically, is our dharma. We chose to live each day naturally, mindfully, vibrantly, and true to our nature. We believe that the greatest medicine is derived from the body’s natural intelligence, and that true healing comes from self-knowledge, new beginnings, healthy foods, and balanced lifestyles. We believe that prevention stands supreme even to the most advanced medical disciplines.