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This is your healing journey.

No healing journey ever fails when nourished by self-knowledge and love.

Sevanti Wellness Center was created to offer highly trained Vedic healing practitioners as a resource on your healing path. These include Ayurveda Counseling, Yoga Therapy, and Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). Drop in for a session any time. Consult with an Ayurveda Counselor for insights on nutrition or a chronic health condition. Check with our team of Yoga Therapists for physical and emotional health. And for those lingering and mysterious life challenges, a debilitated planet may be involved, so check with your favorite Vedic Astrologer. Let our team bring clear perspectives, personalization, and logic to your self-care practice. You are important to us. We at Sevanti Wellness Center are as dedicated to your journey as to our own.

If you have questions about our practice, please contact us anytime.

Wishing you all the best on your healing path.

Casey Roberts, C-AHC, C-IAYT
Director, Sevanti Wellness Center

Keep Scrolling

 Drop-in Studies or Full Enrollment

The Sevanti Workshop is a smorgasbord of online course workshops open to the public for drop-in. Course content is taken from the Ayurveda Counselor training curriculum and offered in a lighter and shorter workshop format. Courses range from 90 to 180 minutes. We may occasionally feature intensive training (such as Ayurveda Body Therapies) in our Workshops. You’ll find instructors from our faculty at Sevanti Institute, outside the institute, and from Sevanti Wellness Center practitioners. Who knows what subject will arise next? Life and healing are mysteries we are all exploring together.

Anyone can be a Drop-in Student. You can purchase our live webinars and/or course recordings to advance your knowledge of life and Ayurveda. No need to sign up for the entire multi-level training program. Whether you’re a yoga teacher or practitioner, an Ayurvedic professional, a medical professional, a nutritionist, a mother, a father, or anyone from any background or identity, if you are curious about Ayurveda for self-care and the care of those you love, join us.

If you are an Ayurveda professional seeking NAMA PACE credits or a yoga teacher seeking YA CE credits, you are welcome to drop in.

What courses may a Drop-in Student take? Most, but not all. Any course you find in our Course Recordings section is available to anyone for drop-in studies. We hope you enjoy them. Ayurveda Foundation Program and Ayurveda Immersion Program live webinars and course recordings are available to drop-in students for personal growth or continuing education purposes. Because client cases are discussed, for privacy purposes, the Clinical Supervision Program is closed to drop-ins.

Foundation Program: If you are new to studying Ayurveda, the Foundation Program is a great place to start. In the Foundation Program, we focus on self-care and the care of those we love. This program is open to anyone and is not required for admission to the Immersion Program.

Immersion Program: The 17-month Immersion Program is the beginning of our AWC professional training, but it is open to anyone, and professional certification is optional. The Immersion Program can be taken in its entirety with full enrollment or course by course as a drop-in student. Enrolling in the full program is encouraged to get the most from our incredible world-class faculty. Sevanti Institute offers a helpful discount with full enrollment.

Clinical Supervision Program: The 12-month Clinical Supervision Program is our most professional training, involving patient case management and supervision. Full enrollment is required for admission.

Sevanti Institute offers only two types of certification: Individual course Certificates of Completion and our professional Ayurveda Wellness Counselor (AWC) certification. AWC is the highest certification and equivalent of Ayurveda Health Counselor (AHC).

Students seeking continued education credits may request a Certificate of Completion (CoC) for any course they complete. CoCs are available on a course-by-course basis.

Pursuing certification is not required to enroll in the Ayurveda Foundation or Ayurveda Immersion programs. For program certifications, students must take all program core modules with a passing grade on online exams to receive certification.

Full AWC recognition requires completion of the Clinical Supervision Program.

Drop-in students seeking continuing education credits are welcome! The National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) accepts all of our Ayurveda Foundation and Ayurveda Immersion program courses (live webinars and recorded courses) for PACE credits. Interestingly, Yoga Alliance (YA) continues to accept our Ayurveda Foundation Program for CE credits. Both trade associations believe continued learning and growth are paramount to maintaining high professional standards.

How to get NAMA/YA credits for our courses: First, explore our calendar of live webinar events and course recordings. Register for a course of your choice, attend the live webinar or stream the course recording, and finally pass the online exam with a score of 70% or higher (take it as many times as you need to pass). We will send you a Certificate of Completion, which you can submit to NAMA or YA.