AWC 11: Ayurvedic Nutrition (Live Webinar)


AWC 11: Ayurvedic Nutrition
Instructor: Laura Plumb
Live Webinar Event
May 17-19, 2024
9:00am – 5:00pm CST

AWC 11 Ayurvedic Nutrition will cover the six tastes in detail, reviewing their elements, then learning their qualities, energetics, post-digestive effect, nourishing vs depleting, and how each taste affects the doshas, tissues, waste products, and digestion. We will discuss eating behavior according to dosha, as well as food quality. Food energetics in terms of the 20 qualities is the core of this course and includes foods with special effects. We will also learn which foods are high in certain vitamins and minerals, how food preparation affects food energetics, and the ins and outs of fasting, hydration, and eating rituals. In addition, counseling techniques for improving client compliance, how to interpret nutritional lab results, and how to prescribe a diet tailored to a person’s prakrti/vikriti, season, age, climate, etc. will be covered. The principles of cooking will be covered (such as for a Vata it’s best to eat warm, cooked, soft, moist, easy-to-digest foods, etc). This course will also focus on how the students can best use nutrition as a healing tool in their clinical counseling work; how to attain nutritional data from their clients; how to interpret the effect their foods have on their health; and how to counsel their clients to change their diet in a way that will reverse any imbalances. Students will also learn how to manage resistance to changing their diet.