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Welcome to Sevanti Institute

Sevanti ~ se-von’-tee ~ from the Sanskrit word seva, to serve the divine within:

(1) the Sanskrit word for the chrysanthemum flower, or mum; used in yogic ceremony or puja, the sevanti flower heightens the energy of devotion, aiding the yogi to surrender the ego while in service to the divine,

(2) a new community of Ayurveda educators providing wellness lifestyle tools to a new generation of seekers and healers.

Sevanti Institute is a passionate group of Ayurveda educators who love to share the Wisdom of Life with those who are ready to receive it. Living true to ourselves, authentically, is our dharma. We chose to live each day naturally, mindfully, vibrantly, and true to our nature. We believe that the greatest medicine is derived from the body’s natural intelligence, and that true healing comes from self knowledge, new beginnings, healthy foods and balanced lifestyles. We believe that prevention stands supreme even to the most advanced medical disciplines.

Sevanti Institute offers educational tools and sacred travel experiences that awaken us to the greatest gift within each of us: self knowledge. Known as vidya in the ancient Sanskrit language of Yoga and Ayurveda, there is no greater knowledge, or source of happiness and health, than the knowledge of who we are in this life. The deeper teachings of Ayurveda are vibrant life insights that offer profound self knowledge and self healing tools that we would otherwise never learn in life. Such teachings are considered priceless.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. A flower will turn its face to follow the warm rays of the sun as it crosses the sky. What inspires the flower, inspires us. Sevanti Institute was ignited by the passion of sharing the wisdom of nature as a force for personal wellbeing and social change while holding onto the dual flames of tradition and quality instruction. We believe that Ayurveda is a universal insight that must be applied at the personal level to be true. Ayurveda teaches that an intelligent equilibrium lays within us, and that one must remain vigilant to our unique nature to remain in balance.

The Sevanti curriculum is focused exclusively on the Ayurveda Wellness Counselor practice because we believe that education and self-awareness are the keys to sustainable wellness and an enlightened self-care.

Letter from the Founder

The course you are about to embark upon may be viewed as a stepping stone towards something greater than appears on the surface. The path of self-healing, and/or healing another person, is one of the most rewarding directions a person can take in life. Healing, not medicine, but true healing, is an extraordinarily vulnerable and authentic process that can only occur in light of an accurate understanding of ourselves. It is known in both yoga and Ayurveda that a false view of reality (avidya) is the most common source of suffering, while an accurate view (vidya) can heal, uplift, and evolve us on the journey through life. Our work then is to rectify false views.

What is exchanged between a skilled Ayurveda Counselor and client is life wisdom, the definition of Ayurveda. The practitioner of this healing art transmits the universal form of this knowledge, from heart to heart, in such a way that it becomes authentic, personalized self-knowledge for the client. Self-knowledge is the most powerful of all medicines. You know the old adage: you can give a man a fish, or teach him how to fish. Counseling teaches, rather than does for.

While great diagnostic skill is needed, very little self-knowledge is required to treat symptoms. Those on the path of self-understanding will naturally remain healthier and heal faster when an imbalance occurs. Those less connected to themselves, those more superficially oriented, will likely struggle more. The practice of self-reflection, the self-inquiry itself, is the bridge between self-healing and self-realization. We awaken our clients to their true nature – Prakriti.

One of my early teachers in the natural healing arts once said to me, “If you wish to treat symptoms, become a doctor. If you wish to heal people, become a sage.” As did my teacher, I suggest you become a sage. Those words would forever affect who I was and how I worked. I no longer distinguish between my work as a yoga practitioner, a yoga educator, and an ayurvedic physician. The lines between these disciplines are blurred, as they should be. The father of modern yoga, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, was such a sage. He understood the nature of the individual from the Ayurvedic view and the yogic view. He was an enlightened teacher with a complete view of humanity.

While Western medicine is a disease management system, Ayurveda wellness practices are health-creating systems. Remember, our work is to rectify false views of ourselves and our nature. Go and transform the untrue to the true, and hold people’s hands as you guide them from the unknown to the known.

Blessings on your journey. Be brave, vulnerable, and compassionate, and stay true to yourself along the way.

James Bailey, DASc, AD, LAc, MPH, E-RYT500

Our History

Sevanti Institute was established in 2008 to provide Yoga Teacher Training modules to the most recognized RYS schools and teacher trainers of our generation, offering the needed curriculum material and course lecturing content to create a more resourceful teacher as well as a more mature teaching environment within the modern yoga studio.

In 2014, Sevanti Institute began the Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Programs to offer professional education in traditional Ayurvedic wellness assessment and management skills, meeting the educational requirements established by the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association (NAMA) for the Ayurveda Health Counselor level of practice.

Our Mission

To inspire an awakening to personal authenticity, as the highest expression of faith in oneself, on the path of self-healing and self-actualization. To evoke more mindful ways of living, thinking, and feeling. To provide tools for self-knowledge. To bridge traditional eastern teachings and modalities to modern day living. To lead individuals to sacred places within themselves and on the planet. To remember to jump in bodies of water as often as possible.